June 19, 2024

If you think that your iPhone battery is discharged in an unusual way, then it is best to have it checked by a mobile phone repair technician. Once found out that it is in good condition, you can follow these simple steps on how to extend your battery’s life.

Adjust brightness. Bright colors and resolution may be attractive, but it can be one of the reasons for battery’s fast draining. You can disable auto brightness and choose dark background or theme to save your battery’s life. It is also best to turn off live wallpapers because it consumes a large amount of battery charge.

Turn off all notifications. Most of the times, notifications easily pop up on your phone screens. Moreover, much of it is spams and unnecessary information. You can go to iPhone settings and adjust if what applications are allowed or have permission for your notification.

Turn off the animations. Animations consume large amount of battery charge. Yes, it can be enticing and attractive to view, but it can make your battery’s life become shorter. Disabling it can help you save the battery’s charge.

Avoid excessive games.  Your phone primary use is for communications, it is best to avoid games because it is one of the top applications that consume large amounts of battery’s charge. You can use your phones in other beneficial ways, such as online surfing if you are researching for business matters.

Turn off your phone when charging.  To charge your phone to its fullest, it is best that your phone is turned off. It will also help you avoid excessive phone heating that causes battery problems.

These tips can be very useful if you want your phones battery be used to its potential. Though there can be power banks that you can bring and use as an emergency, frequent charging of iPhone can cause defects on the charging port.  When this port is damaged it will entail you additional cost for repair and you may need a help of a professional repair technician to fix or replace the charger port.